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IT Administrator


Job openings is a fresh startup in the field of opensource telecommunications platforms. Our main focus is to provide services for Call Centers and mid size and up Companies.

Even so we have a number of openings in various fields you would be required to speak at least some German to fill those. If you do please switch to German and read the German Description for the openings we currently have.

There is however one position that would not require you to speak German...

We are working with English as well as German speaking local sales representatives or consultants all over Europe. If you are interested please contact us via Email.  We understand that most of your business relies on the margins you make selling "Brand Name" solutions, but sometimes those are not an option. By offering Vicidial and Vicidial Service you might be able to still make a deal where otherwise you would not be able to close any deal. UG (haftungsbeschränkt) © 2011

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