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How much does ViciDial cost?

Vicidial itself is actually free and we also don't sell ViciDial but our services. In short, we help you to use ViciDial properly. Depending on how much help you need, the cost can be less or more. Imagine you buy a car, then you have something nice that you can put in the garage and you had to pay for. If you want to use it then you have to learn to drive, the car sometimes needs fuel (most at least) and repair. With software, it's likewise, you buy a package such as Office, then you need to install and configure it, may have to learn how to use it and perhaps buy paper and toner for printing. ViciDial is a little different ... Our "car" is free and we sell only the driving lessons, the fuel and provide a chauffeur to drive the "free car". Therefore ViciDial is usually cheaper but not always, because you could also walk ...

agent7.jpgDo I need licenses for Vicidial?

For ViciDial itself you need no license, no matter whether you run ViciDial with 5, 10 or 1000 agents. However, there are various additional products for which there is no one appropriate free alternative. Therfore we sometimes recommend to use them together with ViciDial and pay the license fees and costs, since we can not force everyone to give away his car.

Why the support costs so much, but the software is free?

Precisely for this reason ... Because Vicidial is free we don't earn a penny of it, we can not subsidize services through the sale of the software or licenses, so we have to charge for support and offer our services at realistic prices. To stay with the previous example, you can't bring your car into the garage and ask for a free or cheaper repair even though you did not need to pay for the car... UG (haftungsbeschränkt) © 2011

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